CEA has as its primary goal to enhance the quality of life for the residents of Warrensburg and the surrounding areas.  We are looking for people who want to join us in building a better community.  A better community is one that is healthier, happier, and more prosperous, and such a community will be sustainable.

One of the primary goals of CEA is to promote the availability of natural areas where people can find respite from the busy-ness of life.  A place where one can interact with a natural community where the primary  forcers are seasonal change and  where beauty and complexity go hand in hand. Warrensburg was founded on a prairie -- THIS prairie, once destroyed and now reconstructed, and it is valuable to see something of the world encountered as our ancestors made a living here.

Earth Day celebration

Each year CEA holds an event  to celebrate the natural world and to introduce folks to ways that we can interact with it.  It something of a fair where there are things to do and things to buy that emphasize the value of LOCAL products and local skills.  There are artisans of all sorts -- musicians, artists, gardeners, bakers and more,  Here children are introduced to things that they may not yet have experienced.

Earth Day Celebration 2

We like to see kids participate in events that truly get their hands dirty.  These are pine seedlings from the MO. Department of Conservation.  We also provide native plants that are beautiful, feed the butterflies, and can be used for landscaping